Director General

The advancing Institute of Nuclear Energy Research -
R&D for fostering the industries, we secure nuclear safety while striving  for excellence in green energy

The Institute of Nuclear Energy Research (INER), established in 1968, is the sole government agency dedicated to research and development (R&D) on nuclear energy. Through transitions, INER has exploited the study of nuclear medicine and high level medical instruments. In addition, based on the solid research foundation and systematic integration ability originated from the field of nuclear energy and radiation application, INER broadens itself to green energy related technologies and energy economic strategies. Now, INER is prominent in energy and nuclear medicine R&Ds, with impressive research achievements and many awards honored from local and international contests.

Since 2002, we have devoted ourselves to the R&D works of new and renewable energy technologies. Years of hard work has yielded fruitful achievements in the fields of solar photovoltaics, wind power, biomass, smart grid and energy conservation. Currently, we are actively promoting these R&D achievements to industrial applications. In March and July 2016, Metal-supported SOFC Unit Production Technology and SOFC Stacks Technology, developed by INER, were separately transferred to domestic firms in Taiwan, helping the industry in building up the integration capacity of producing SOFC units into stacks. The aims of transference were to form the industry chain further and to build business networks worldwide. Moreover, in November 2016, Bio-refinery process technology, developed by INER, was transferred to a domestic firm, which planned to construct a cellulosic alcohol full process plant in Chianan Plain under the collaboration. The plant proposed to utilize Pennisetum as one of its role ingredients, and to yield three tons of xylooligosaccharide and 3000 liters of high concentration alcohol per day. By this model, the program is going to make Taiwan the demonstration area in Asia-Pacific for bio-energy technology, and to enhance localization of bio-energy related start-ups.

Indeed, in order to promote our R&D results, we have actively participated in international invention and technology trade shows. In September 2016, we won a total of 20 awards in the 2016 Taipei International Invention Show and Technomart, including one highest-honor platinum medal, seven gold medals, four silver medals, and eight bronze medals. Furthermore, INER was awarded two gold medal awards at the 2016 Germany Nürnberg International Trade Fair (IENA). Additionally, there were two technologies winning the National Innovation Awards, and an INER research team devoted in plasma coating energy-saving film R&D won 2016 Civil Service Outstanding Contribution Award.

In addition to nuclear safety and green energy, we, have also devoted ourselves to R&Ds of nuclear medicine and high level medical instruments. With 16 drug-license permits, two medical-instrument-license permits, and PIC/S GMP examination reassurance, INER is the only well-established government agency which legally produces and provides nuclear medicine services. Those high-quality radiopharmaceuticals provide diagnostic and therapeutic treatment for patients with Parkinson's disease, brain tumor, bone cancer, cardiovascular stenosis, and other tumors. More than 15,000 patients and 50 hospitals are benefited from our service each year.

Green energy technology is one of the five major governmental innovation R&D programs for technological industry. INER, as the only national laboratory integrating nuclear energy, nuclear backend, and green energy research, and with remarkable technological capacity and plenty of strategic experiences, is expected to become a comprehensive research agency in energy technology and strategy planning, and to achieve the mission of Nuclear-free Homeland with nuclear backend technologies. Today, we are diligently paving the way for the national nuclear safety, environmental protection, and civil health. Indeed, offering comprehensive strategies and technical solutions is our ultimate goal for which we continue to strive.