Annual Report-2005

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The year of 2005 is a year of transmutation for INER. In the year, we introduced substantial innovations in administration and technical  enhancements in R&D programs. Overall, each of the performance indices we set for the year, such as No. of patents, journal papers, research reports, and annual revenue for technical services, etc., has reached within the high-or the medium-level of our target. In comparison with other domestic research institutions, we stand a predominant position.

Based on a document issued by the Executive Yuan on January 25th, 2005, INER has been assigned to the third-phase priority list for transforming into a Public Corporation. In order to meet future challenges, we take actions to transform ourselves by “Strengthening Implementation Capability as well as Enhancing Competitiveness” and “Cohering Team Consensus as well as Reducing Gap in Internal Cognition”.

The Institute's contributions in the nuclear aspect are becoming more and more substantial. For instance, revenue from technical services in nuclear safety related areas, the sale as well as technical services of radiopharmaceuticals have significantly increased. More and more new personnel are joining our group to receive training in nuclear fields. On top of this, owing to the skyrocketing oil prices as well as the Kyoto Protocol's effect to limit carbon dioxide emission, the Institute steers its R&D efforts toward energy resources and carbon dioxide reduction problems that have become important and current national issues of the administration.

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