Annual Report-2006

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 For us, 2006 was a significant year that we have strived aggressively to pursue changes and make progresses in an environment full of challenges. A mechanism has been started to make the reforming transformation of our organization, INER, not only to arduously build up a more competitive body in conformity with an “Incorporated Institute ” in the near future, but to actively care about the demands of our nation’s economic development, to substantially expand our R&D capacities and capabilities accumulated over the years, as well as to positively expect ourselves to play more powerful and influential roles in the mainstream of the nation’s key developments with respect to scientific technologies and its industrialization.

In the areas of scientific technologies R&D, we have integrated our research resources and formulated into three key technology centers, i.e., The Nuclear Safety Technology Center, The Environmental and Energy Technology Center, and The Radiation Application Technology Center, to respectively promote the development of technologies in five main domains. As results, breakthrough progresses have appeared due to some fruitful achievements in this year. The key indicators of the R&D performances, e.g., numbers of patents, research reports and journal papers, have not only reached our preset targets but even outgrown 42% as compared to those of the prior year. It created the new highest record in the history of INER. For each domain’s specific advancing direction, in addition to strengthening the international competitiveness of technology, we have devoted ourselves to connecting the basic research abilities of the academic organizations in the technology upstream and the marketing abilities of the application industries in the technology downstream. All these efforts were made with an attempt to establishing an intact development framework of the relevant industries in promoting the realization of technology industrialization.



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