Annual Report-2014

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2014 1The Institute of Nuclear Energy Research (INER), established in 1968, is a government agency with a history of credibly safeguarding dedicated to the research and development (R&D) on nuclear safety, nuclear facility decommissioning, radioactive waste treatment and disposal technologies. Moreover, INER also bears the mission of developing radiopharmaceuticals for the public well-being.  For 46 years, results of INERs endeavors have received high recognition. Nowadays, Taiwans energy policies are ensuring nuclear safety and waste reduction, building up green energy and a low carbon environment, and working eventually toward creating a nuclear-free homeland.  In conformity with the national energy policy, INER has expanded its researches in recent years to including the development of green energies such as new and renewable energies, energy conservation and carbon emission reduction, in addition to participating in the energy-related economic policy research.

In compliance with the government’s reorganization plan, INER will become an affiliate to the “Ministry of Economic and Energy Affairs” under the new name - the “Institute of Energy Research.” We at INER will continue to abide by the government’s directive in the implementation of our country’s energy policies.  Reorganization signifies a new starting point, a new assignment, and a new mission for us.  To meet with our goal, INER has put together a vision to provide complete technological solutions for national energy security, environmental protection and national health. With creative thinking, pragmatic sprit and enthusiasm, we have set our goals to improve our professional knowledge, to put through innovation and to offer service so as to provide the best solutions to the energy-economics related issues of the country.

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