Annual Report-2012

annual report 2012

The Institute of Nuclear Energy Research (INER) was first established in 1968 as a designated organization to pursue research on atomic energy, energy development and radiation applications. Aiming at providing technology solutions for national energy security, environmental protection and public health, over years INER set visions on becoming a worthy and competitive institute deserving public support and international recognition.

Transformation of the institute set sail as INER in recent years devotes research momentum into the renewable energy and environmental protection arena. Research groundwork for photovoltaic systems, advanced solar cells, solid-oxide fuel cell, direct methanol fuel cell, wind power, cellulosic ethanol fuel, environmentally friendly plasma applications, clean carbon technologies, intelligent micro-grid technology etc. Were rooted and preliminary contributions started to emerge. These match well with the planned government organizational reform that INER be transferred to the Ministry of Economic and Energy Affairs. Accordingly the institute will soon be renamed as Institute of Energy Research (InER).

I would take this occasion to summarize a few milestones achieved in 2012 with regard to such transformation that go beyond conventional nuclear science & technologies. On photovoltaic power area, INER developed a photovoltaic power (HCPV) system with a concentrator ratio of 1,000 and 31.7% in conversion efficiency. Our HCPV system and associated laboratories have been certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), TAF and also Beijing Jianheng CGC. On solid oxide fuel cell, a self-sustaining system has been validated for 54.9% fuel utilization, 35.1% electric efficiency, and 760 W output. MEA development verified 38% low degradation rate per kW-hr in laboratory. On the wind power, we will aim at developing 2nd generation 150 kW turbine and MW grade system in the long term. In carbon reduction efforts, the power uprating for two domestic nuclear power plants delivered considerable electricity production with zero carbon release. A total of additional 480,000 tons of carbon dioxide emission is now being avoided annually. 

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