Annual Report-2007

In order to pursue the long-term development and make diversified contributions, over the past few years the Institute of Nuclear Energy Research (INER) has taken measures to continuously improve management efficiency and make structural transformation, as well as to respond to the needs of the society changes and promote the growths of industry and economy by taking advantages of our unique R&D strengths. In the process of transformation and remodeling, we were able to maintain the power for progresses and demonstrate concrete research results even facing with some severe challenges. In fact, these growths and changes come from the distinctive characters of our colleagues for not being afraid of trying and solving problems. This will lay a sound foundation for INER to become an excellent research institute.

Looking back on the year 2007, we faced with the severe impacts of two main issues, i.e., global shortage of resources and deterioration of living environment. Therefore, to develop related technologies so as to solve the problems of resources storage and environmental deterioration has become an urgent need. In particular, in the event that energy storage, climate change and waste-induced environmental pollution have turned into common threats, our country should not be ignorant to such problems, because the impacts can be severer due to the limitations of our geographic location and resources. An even worse situation is that our country will lose competitiveness and be drowned in the currents of the time if no suitable measures are taken in advance. Serving as a national laboratory, fortunately INER has quickly responded to such demands and challenges. In addition to strengthening the core power in nuclear energy technology, we have extended our integration technology and system development capabilities to explore new energy territories and nuclear medicines, and have progressively made some significant progresses. Meanwhile, from the views of pursuing the spirits of innovation and creating industrial values, we have promoted our solid contributions of the R&D work to meet the needs of our country and the society,especially in the fields of maintaining nuclear energy safety, developing new energy technologies and exploring radiation applications. From this annual report, one will be able to clearly see the tracks of our devoted efforts in these respects.

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