Annual Report-2009

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INER, as founded a national laboratory on nuclear technology research, in recent years extends into the development of carbon-free energy, low-carbon energy, and industrial   radiation applications. With “Professionalism, Innovation, and Safety” as its motivating core-value, INER strives to earn international recognition as a world-renowned research institute in these fields. Our immediate tasks are to follow out our national policy in regard to technical developments on nuclear energy and new energy, on global warming and carbon-reduction issues, and on atomic energy related public healthcare betterment issuest.

 Strengthen atomic energy related healthcare applications and quality that aim to enhance public health. INER has been assessed as an outstanding governmental research institute two times in sequence and takes part in three national-scale research programs on energy-technology, nano-technology, and biomedical technology. We take pride in presenting to you our achievements as detailed in this annual report. As for future prospects, INER must take a positive attitude to meet forthcoming challenges that are fundamental to our sustaining growth. Change management, innovative approach, and strategic positioning are instrumental in ourplanning for the future. I would like to share with you three such important developments that were planned in 2009 and have been in implementation or will be carried out in the coming years.

Structuring INER as a contributive research center for both nuclear energy and new energy in Long-Tan District: INER will follow out governmental policy of promoting six leading industrial sectors, especially the carbon-free option of nuclear energy and the carbon-reduction option of green energy.

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