Annual Report-2010

Institute of Nuclear Energy Research (INER) is the leading nuclear energy research and development organization in Taiwan, and our mission is to develop advanced nuclear technologies, providing clean, abundant, affordable and reliable energy to Taiwan. In striving to earn international recognition as a world-class research institute, we here at INER adhere to the following three core values: Professionalism, Innovation and Safety.In addition to cutting-edge technology, INER also specializes in system integration and is capable of developing applicable systems.

INER strives to develop (1) energy strategy for future reference, (2) energy technology to provide solid platform, (3) innovative technology and proven solutions to assist regulatory authorities maintaining nuclear-safe home and (4) civil usages of nuclear isotopes and high-end nuclear-imaging medical devices.

In 2010, INER has carried out 12 R&D programs, totaled 1,088,471 thousands NT dollars, and 371 research staff. To comply with national policy and public needs, the 12 R&D programs cover areas of nuclear energy, renewable energy and nuclear medicine. Nuclear energy topics comprises of nuclear safety, spent nuclear fuel, advanced nuclear technology, technology industrialization, etc. Renewable energy topics includes HCPV, wind turbine, cellulosic alcohol, SOFC, smart grid, IGCC & CCS, etc. Nuclear medicine topics comprises of medical device, diagnostic medicine, treatment medicines, etc.

 As an effort to be in accordance with the call for global carbon dioxide reduction, INER follows the Carbon Reduction Action Plan of Sustainable Energy Policy adopted by the Executive Yuan. To actively promote the photovoltaic industry, INER established the Authentication and Development Center of High-Concentration PV in Kaohsiung Science Park to facilitate technology transfer and promotion. In addition, INER established the Authentication Laboratory of international standards to help enhance the competitiveness of the industry internationally.

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